Our sensor and AI technology enables ergonomically better fitting products
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Capskin’s patented sensor geometry enables a dense network of sensors. Our customizable sensor patches can be combined with textiles to create smart clothing. Using deep learning algorithms, we can assess the shape and movement of the human body and measure the pressure on it.

The first product is the Capskin Sensor Socks. It is thin, soft, stretchable, and reusable; like ordinary socks. It measures pressure around the foot and foot movement in the shoe. Our Capskin Studio wirelessly records sensor readings and displays 3D pressure distribution in real-time. This novel solution is designed for footwear developers and orthopedists, and provides valuable insights in improving the adaptability and fit of shoes.


Capskin’s wearable soft silicon sensors measure pressure and capture body shape & motion using AI.

One piece of Capskin sensors consists of many capacitive sensor units. When the sensor unit is pressed and stretched its sensor readout changes accordingly.

To make more sense of Capskin sensor readings, we employ deep learning to reconstruct the human body shape and pose. This enables soft motion and shape capture without requiring an external optical setup.

By combining Capskin sensors with textiles, our products can be present in unobtrusive forms, including socks, gloves, sleeves, bras, T-shirts, etc. Our wireless data transmission solution allows using our mobile sensors outdoors.

Pressure measurement


Motion & shape capture

Mobile and unobtrusive

Fully soft

Artificial intelligence

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